VisiView® Software

Flexible and microscope platform independent software

VisiView® is a high performance imaging software from Visitron Systems GmbH for BioImaging applications. It is specially designed to meet the needs for high speed image acquisition and processing with ease of use. Our software controls complex automated microscopes and microscope equipment in combination with multidimensional acquisition and analysis. Its multitasking ability supports simultaneous image acquisition and analysis. The VisiView® software represents the philosophy of simple operation and seamless integration of applied standards.

VisiView® Options

Realtime 2D-Deconvolution

Populare widefield microscopy is a powerful optical method to visualize cellular and molecular processes involved in cells. Although fluorescent blurring from out-of-focus light is an limiting factor, but image deconvolution algorithms can reverse this out-of-focus light artifact. The 2D realtime deconvolution technology, helps to improve cellular image’s resolution and contrast by mathematical deblurring of the image. As a result, images and fine detail become sharper while maintaining quantitative information.