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...and cell based imaging solutions in the field of biology, medicine and pharmacy from brightfield and fluorescence applications to fully automated multi-dimensional microscopy.

Excellent from basic to high-end

Visitron Systems GmbH offers a broad range of different solutions, from single documentation of macroscopic and microscopic compounds up to multidimensional confocal high-speed microscopy. The modularity of our systems always keeps them open for upgrades to newest technologies and recent applications.

Technology for today and the future

Science lives from discovery. Visitron Systems offers solutions for today and for the future. With the development of fluorescence proteins, microscopy reaches new horizons and outlooks, Visitron Systems GmbH keeps up. For newest techologies in microscopy e.g. TIRF, FRAP, FRET, Confocal, we offer newest microscopy components like scientific CMOS or EMCCD- cameras, 1D and 2D-scanner, high-speed spinning disk confocal, multi-spectral laser systems. We are happy to help our customers to be leading in biology

Visitron Systems offers fully integrated microscopy imaging solutions

Fully automated multi-dimensional microscopy



VisiScope Widefield microscopy system are based on digital color or...


Live Cell Imaging

System based on Inverted Mic. with Spinning-Disc Confocal, VisiTIRF/FRAP and Widefield.



Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Imaging System


ViRTEx ExperimentControl

The Realtime Experiment Control Device ViRTEx-100/200 provides sophisticated electronic for...


Ratio Imaging Fura/FRET

High Performance Calcium, Ion and FRET Imaging. The measurement of intracellular...


Light Sheet

High Resolution Light Sheet Imaging. The Tilt from Mizar Imaging is a modular...



2D-VisiFRAP Realtime Scanner - Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching Imaging System


VisiView® Software

High Performance Imaging Software for BioImaging Applications.



Real-Time Confocal System based on Dual-Disc Microlens Technology


SIM Microscopy

DeepSIM- Structured Illumination Microscope - VisiScope DeepSIM Super Resolution System


Laser Combiner

Flexible Multiple Laser Engine with up to 8 lines and highly stable Laser Outputs.



All known camera manufacturers are offered for our VisiView® Microscopy Imaging Software.


High Performance Imaging Software

VisiView® is a high performance imaging software from Visitron Systems GmbH for BioImaging applications. It is specially designed to meet the needs for high-speed image acquisition and processing with ease of use. Our software controls complex automated microscopes and microscope equipment in combination with multidimensional acquisition and analysis. Its multitasking ability supports simultaneous image acquisition and analysis. The VisiView® software represents the philosophy of simple operations and seamless integration of applied standards.

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Special solutions and development

Offering the best technology, Visitron Systems GmbH needs strong partners. Together with our international partners, we bring the best technologies together for your research. For highest flexibility, we have the power to implement nearly every hardware driver into the VisiView software for e.g. 6D multidimensional microscopy. Even development of customized hardware, optics and laser combinations shows the vision we are looking for

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