High Resolution Light Sheet Imaging

The Tilt from Mizar Imaging is a modular light sheet illumination system designed to image living samples longer and faster than previously possible with minimal photobleaching or phototoxicity. Mounting to most inverted microscopes and having the ability to use high NA/high magnification objectives, the Tilt enables high spatial and temporal resolution light sheet imaging to be easily added to an existing or new microscope system.



Key Benefits:

  • Minimal photobleaching and phototoxicity
  • Compatible with a wide range of sample types
  • Adapts to most inverted microscopes
  • Does not interfere with transmitted light and other modes of illumination
  • Designed to work with both high and low NA objectives
  • No image reconstruction needed
  • Simple to use
  • Accepts any single mode laser
  • Compatible with any camera
  • Fully supported by VisiView Imaging Software