The Visitron Systems company profile

In 2020 Visitron Systems GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Over the years, Visitron has grown to one of the few worldwide product independent manufacturers in digital microscopy imaging for Biology and Medical research. The company was founded 1995 by its two managing directors Dr. Gunter Köhn and Helmut Wurm. With a competent team of Biologists, Physicists and Engineers we installed thousands of systems which represent the flexibility and reliability of our company.


In 2017, Visitron moved to a new facility

We are happy to work in larger premises with more than 700 m². The space for manufacturing and technical support is substantially expanded. New modern offices, a large conference room and a well-equipped Demo room are now available. Everything for comprehensive presentations and high-end microscopy and imaging.


The Company Structure and Strengths

Visitron System GmbH offers a wide ranging portfolio of products for Life Science and BioMedical research. Our focus is on helping our customers succeed. Whether you are an existing user or prospective customer, your success is our concern. Today the company is organized by the Software R&D, Optics R&D, Electronic R&D, Production and Service, Sales and Support and Administration department. The company is well prepared for future developments and challenges

What does Manufacturers Independent mean?

Visitron developed products and imaging software for use with the big four microscope manufacturers Zeiss, Leica, Nikon and Olympus. All our products like VisiScope, VisiFRAP, VisiTIRF etc. can be used or offered in that combination. The VisiView® Imaging software supports all these motorized microscopes including the leading companies for cameras or microscope peripherals. We are proud to develop and deliver technology for today and the future.


Technology for Today and the Future

Science lives from discovery. Visitron Systems offers solutions for today and for the future. With the development of fluorescenct proteins, microscopy reaches new horizons and outlooks, Visitron Systems GmbH keeps up.For modern microscopy technologies e.g. TIRF, FRAP, FRET, Confocal, we offer newest microscopy components like scientific sCMOS or EM-CCD cameras, TIRF condenser, 2D-FRAP scanner, high-speed spinning disk confocal, multi-spectral laser systems, developed and manufactured „Made in Germany“. We are happy to help our customers to be leading in life science.


Special Solutions and Development

Offering the best technology, Visitron Systems GmbH needs strong partners. Together with our international partners, we bring the best technologies together for your research. For highest flexibility, we have the power to implement nearly every hardware driver into the VisiView® software for multidimensional microscopy. Additional development of customized hardware, optics and laser combinations allows us and our customers to find the perfect individual solutions.