The Visitron Systems company profile

We have moved!

New facilites in Puchheim, Benzstraße 36

Finally, it is done and we are happy to start in our new facilities!
Quite a challenge to handle and move all the materials, technical parts and equipment from an established location where we worked over the last 23 years. With the personal commitment of all, we could reduce downtime to less than a week. So, by mid of December we were operating again Despite some infrequent failures of our phone system in the beginning, we are now completely available for our customers again.
We are happy to present in larger premises with more than 700m². The space for manufacturing and technical support is substantialy expanded. New modern offices, a large conference room and a well-equipped Demo room are now available. Everything for comprehensive presentations and high-end microscopy and imaging.
Not to forget our entrance hall with reception, kitchen and bar is made to contribute to a good social and friendly environment and to inspire creativity.
If you are nearby, stop by! Already visible from afar our Visitron Systems company sign.

We are looking forward to your visit
Dr. Gunter Köhn, Helmut Wurm
Managing Directors

Reinforcement of our Service and Support Team

Our growth and success recently not only allowed us to relocate in larger and new offices, it also created new jobs.
In March 2017 Dr. Maren Reichl joined us as Head of Optics and Development and Dr. Dirk Opitz as Head of Application and International Support. Additionally, our production group could welcome Michal Maciejewski as a new team member and Farhad Barkal could recently be employed on a permanent position.
Head of Hardware Development and Technical Support is now under the lead of Peter Waltinger, our long-term employee and senior engineer. Oliver Weisgerber, also a long term and proven employee, manages Production and Service.
Thus, we are prepared to take tasks and challenges ahead and to best serve our customers to their full satisfaction.
We like to thank our customers for their patience during our relocation period. We are convinced that both the expansion in workspace and the increase in personnel will fundamentally contribute to a highly responsive service and to guarantee reliable support in a timely and prompt manner.