VisiView® Lite Software

Important functions of VisiView® for your imaging tasks

Download the VisiView® lite software, your free copy of the powerful VisiView® imaging software. Get to know important functions of the VisiView® core package or simply install VisiView® lite as a viewer for your files.

-    Open and display image sequences and corresponding regions
-    Draw a scale bar or acquisition time into the image
-    Adjust Scaling and Gamma and Look-Up-Table
-    Create a movie from your image sequence
-    Display an overlay of multiple images
-    Crop images
-    Export images as single image monochrome tif-sequence
-    Export individual images as 24bit color image

Extend VisiView® lite with selected modules to a licenced version and create impressive multi-channel and time-series images of your samples or use advanced measurement capabilities.


Please complete the following form and request your personal VisiView® lite version as download link via email.

VisiView Lite

VisiView Lite Download

System requirements

  • PC-Computer with Windows 7/10 Professional x64
  • Minimum of 8 GByte RAM
  • Minimum of 4 GByte free disk space on drive C