Visitron Remote Support

Establishing a Remote Support Session

It may happen that you contact our support team and it turns out that we have to have a closer look on your system. For this, there is a utility program that allows us to remote control your computer. You can see all the actions taken by us on your screen and you can abort the connection any time.

To establish the connection you need an active internet connection.

Please take the steps described next only after Visitron Support has instructed you to go ahead with it.

Start the TeamViewerQS.exe that can be downloaded on the link below:

Supply our support person with the ID displayed in your Remote Support Window.

With your ID, we can start the remote session. We can control your desktop and communicate with you via a Chat window on the lower right corner of your desktop: Regarding the voice communication loudspeaker and microphone are required on the customer PC computer system. As a second option skype communication would be also possible instead of telephone communication.