Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching / PA Photoactivation

2D-VisiFRAP Realtime Scanner

Fluorescent dyes show emission of one wavelength after they have absorbed light of short wavelength. Dyes, exposed to high intensity e.g. UV light react by photobleaching. The high intense light  renders the dyes unable to emit fluorescence. Fluorescence Recovery is based on this phenomenon and is typically used to measure the dynamics of molecular mobility or movement of fluorescent labeled molecules. It is also possible to measure the exchange of molecules between separate compartments of the cells.

The 2D-VisiFRAP system from Visitron Systems GmbH is a microscope based imaging solution specially designed for fluorescence recovery or photoactivated studies. The system is based on a 2D galvanometer realtime scanner, a high sensitive camera system, a research microscope like  Zeiss AxioObserver, Olympus BX/IX or Nikon TiE.
The 2D galvanometer scanner head is typically mounted on the epi fluorescence condenser. The laser light can be simple adapted via standard FC-connector. Customer requirements can be easily integrated due to the flexibility of the system. Realtime multi-point confocal technology can be easily combined to enhance resolution- and image quality.

FRAP on the fly
The optimized system components allow simultaneous FRAP and imaging at single mouse
click on any position in the live image. This new feature in the VisiView FRAP software is
minimising any loss of temporal information and by taking advantage of the flexibility and high
speed positioning of the VS-FRAP scanner. The unique “FRAP on the fly” solves perfectly the
major demand for photo-manipulation experiments.

With the automatic signal and spot detection of our VisiView imaging software, the autocalibration
algorithm calibrates the FRAP scanner. It shows the laser spot and the accuracy of
the calibration in several regions on the display. This tool makes it easy to use different
objectives and filters. The high reproducibility of the system settings saves time and improves
your work.