ORBITAL-100 "Ring-TIRF Technology"

For Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence

The Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) technique is the ideal method for observations of cells close to the coverslip surface. By total reflection of the excitation light (typically laser) at the coverslip / medium interface, the fluorescence emission is limited to a very thin space in the vicinity of the glass surface. The resulting fluorescence images exhibits extremely high contrast and resolution with the  possibility of real-time imaging of cell membranes, actin filament behavior or single molecule tracking.


The Affordable Ring-TIRF System

At the price of a simple point-TIRF system we now offer the new ORBITAL-100 Ring-TIRF technology. The compact unit is based on a high speed 2D galvo which drives the Ring-TIRF illumination. It offers a large, elliptically illuminated field of view to enable applications such as single molecule tracking or STORM based super-resolution microscopy.
Full 360 degree rotation by free circular diameter or elliptical trajectory at the back focal plane of the high aperture TIRF objective, offers illumination with minimal interference
fringes and shadowing effects.

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