VisiTIRF and Tirf/Frap-Combo

The piezo driven VisiTirf is also available as a combination with the VisiFRAP 2D scanner

The TIRF technique is a special kind of wide-field fluorescence microscopy for measuring cells or SMC in an evanescent field without haze. By total reflection of the exciting light (typical Laser) at the coverslip/medium-interface the fluorescence excitation is limited to a very thin space in vicinity of the glass surface. The resulting fluorescence images exhibit extremely high contrast and resolution with the possibility of realtime Imaging of cell membrane or labeled single molecules SMC.


The VisiTIRF laser coupling allows both simultaneous and sequential use of TIRF, widefield fluorescence, and transmitting light illumination. The user can activate epi-fluorescence with a fast shutter to observe structures deeper than the evanescent field. The laser positioning can now be done by high precision automated stage. The TIRF angle and the adjustment of the required TIRF penetration depth is easy controlled by the Visitron Imaging Software. For MultiColor-TIRF the individual laser can be pre-adjusted for best focus at the evanescence field.


The latest model extension of the Visitron System FRAP scanner family is the FRAP/TIRF combo system. The system is based on the well experienced standard VisiFRAP-2D scanner and the VisiTIRF condenser, now in a compact all-in-one optical design. Both optical parts are fitting in a small chassis and allow the simultaneous use of FRAP and TIRF application in a single optical pathway.