CSU-W1 Confocal Scanner

Widest field of view in the industry providing 4X wider FOV than conventional scanners.

The CSU-W1 confocal scanner unit, a high-end model that follows the previously released CSU-X1, offers the superior performance and functionality that researchers require. With its significantly larger field of view, decreased crosstalk, and extended near-infrared spectral range, it can obtain sharper images of regions deeper inside live cells.


  • Wide and clear
  • Near Infrared (NIR) Port: Up to 785nm
  • 3 configurations: 1-camera model, 2-camera model, split-view model
  • New bright field path (Standard)
  • Selectable pinhole size:  25 pinhole disk, 50 pinhole disk or double disk
  • External light path
  • 10-position filter wheel (1 Camera model, 2 Camera model)
  • Fully automate experiments with the motorized switching mechanism