VisiScope 4Elements

Confocal, FRAP, TIRF and Widefield Microscopy all-in-one System

The VisiScope 4Elements System unites all basic fluore¬scence microscopy methods: Confocal, TIRF, FRAP and Widefield and makes simultaneous FRAP and Confocal or TIRF acquisition possible. Its high speed and flexibi¬lity make it an ideal tool with applications ranging from basic research to complex optogenetics experiments.

More Flexibility and optical combination:
Confocal - TIRF combination
The Confocal and TIRF combination is possible by switching the Confocal head into bypass / brightfield mode (disk slider is motorized) during the TIRF image acquisition. All of the multidimensional acquisition is controlled by the VisiView imaging software.



  • Based on inverted microscope
  • Single or dual camera configuration
  • Up to seven lasers combined for Confocal/FRAP/TIRF
  • Multiple laser outputs
  • XYZ - stage with hardware autofocus
  • Incubation option
  • Antivibration table

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