Technical Notes

The following documents are in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format.

Peripheral Devices

Pre-6.x Versions of Meta Series

Uniblitz  Shutter

Computerboards D/A  Board

DAQBoard 2000

6.x Versions of Meta Series

With the 6.x version The control of Illumination devices has changed. In Pre-6.x versions each component was represented as a Meta Device which had to be controlled separately.
Starting with 6.x the Meta Device concept has been replaced by Illumination Settings.
An Illumination Setting is a User defined set which determines which of the installed illumination components are controlled and which state it should get.
This facilitates the control of the peripheral devices, but due to this change, Journals controlling illumination components have to be adapted from Pre-6.x to 6.x convention.
Also, the device installation procedures have slightly changed between Pre-6.x and 6.x.

Measurement Computing D/A-Board (Formerly: Computerboards)

Prairie AOTF Driver

Piezo Focus Device

Polychromator Lamp

Backup and Recovery of MetaMorph

The more complex your Image Acquisition system is the more important it is that you backup your settings. This enables you to restore MetaMorph easlily after a severe computer problem such as a hard disk failure.

Our support team is often called after a total system crash with the request for phone support to get a MetaMorph system up and running from scratch.
We can assist you in such a case only if you have a usable backup of MM. If you haven’t, recovery will be time consuming and expensive.
The document below describes the backup and recovery strategy.

Backup and Recovery of Metamorph