Custom Configured For You

 Whether you need a simple image acquisition/archival system or a more sophisticated analysis solution, a MetaMorph Imaging System can be tailored to your specific needs with the features you want. MetaMorph software is available in three custom configurations.

  • MetaMorph Premier has all the device drivers (stages, Z-focus motors, filter wheels, etc.) and all the advanced processing capabilities (motion analysis, colocalization, multi-dimensional acquisition and analysis, etc.) built in for the researcher who wants maximum flexibility. The only option to select is the specific camera driver required. MetaMorph Complete has the added advantage of providing you in the future with capabilities currently under development. New advanced acquisition and processing tools and techniques are continually being added to MetaMorph. As these become available, MetaMorph Complete owners get the latest developments by simply upgrading to the most recent version of the software.
  • MetaMorph Offline is a very cost effective solution for the researcher who has an alternate image source (confocal, SEM, etc.) or other MetaMorph image acquisition systems. MetaMorph Offline does not have any capability to control external devices or camera image acquisition, but it can have any or all of the analysis capabilities of MetaMorph Complete or MetaMorph Basic. A MetaMorph Offline's purpose is to load, process, and then save images. It is very popular in multi-user facilities because it frees up the more expensive hardware acquisition systems by providing users offline analysis after acquisition.
  • MetaMorph Basic is a more affordable solution for the budget conscious researcher. The basic package has a robust set of image acquisition, processing, and analysis tools built in. Specific device drivers (for stages, Z-focus motors, filter wheels, etc.) and the advanced analysis capabilities (motion analysis, colocalization, multi-dimensional acquisition and analysis, and so forth.) are optional and can be added as needed. This way, you only purchase the device drivers, camera driver, and advanced analysis capabilities you need now. You can always add on additional capabilities or device drivers later if your needs change.

Image Acquisition

Acquire Time Lapse and Z-Series, Multiple Wavelengths, and/or Multiple Stage Positions
Scientists, striving for excellence, know the importance of building a strong foundation of research fundamentals. The MetaMorph Imaging System delivers excellence with a reliable foundation of tools for image acquisition.
A MetaMorph system can acquire images over a defined period of time, a range of Z-axis focal distances (Z-series), multifluorescence wavelengths, multiple sites with a motorized stage, or any combination of these four dimensions.
Using one or all of these acquisition methods, users can then graph intensity levels over time, deconvolve images and create 3D reconstructions, color combine multifluorescence images, or batch process and measure images in a variety of ways.

Stream Acquisition

In Stream Acquisition mode, the MetaMorph system transmits image data at top speed, directly from a camera into the computer's RAM. This provides the fastest possible multi-image capture capability giving you the ability to view and analyze rapid cellular dynamics and events.
Video images can be acquired at 30 fps. Digital camera images can be acquired at rates exceeding 100 fps (camera and acquisition region limited).
By combining the Stream Acquisition mode with high performance hardware like a Piezo electric focusing device, the MetaMorph system can acquire stacks of Z-distance images and stream them directly into RAM at very fast rates.
This specialized type of Z-streaming application dramatically reduces experimentation time and may allow you to visualize a cellular dynamic through multiple focal planes that another imaging system would be too slow to capture