Microscope Solutions

VisiScope Confocal FRAP
A compact and easy to handle system with simultaneous laser illumination for FRAP and confocal.

VisiTIRF Imaging System
Total-Internal-Reflection-Fluorescence  Imaging System
VisiTIRF2 “AAA” Option
New motorized VisiTIRF condenser with auto-angle-alignment option.

VisiScope Cell Analyzer
Multidimensional Cell-Based Imaging System
Automated Multi-Well Plate Imaging

VisiFRAP - 2D Multipoint-ROI

Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching System

VisiFRET Imaging Systems

Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Imaging System

iLAS Pulse

Pulsed Laser Illuminator for Targeted Nanoscopic Ablation

sCMOS High Speed Imaging System
For high performance streaming & timlapse applications.
VisiScope Cell Explorer
Long term Live Cell Imaging System with incubation

VisiFRAP - 1D Single Point

Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching System

VisiFluor - Calcium Imaging Systems

High Precision Measurement of Ion Concentrations

VisiHistoScope Imaging Systems

High resolution RGB Imaging System


Dual Laser Illuminator for TIRF microscopy and Simultaneous Targeted Laser Action