High Speed Imaging System

This new generation of sCMOS imaging sensors is the first to combine all requirements for an ideal imaging device. Its 5,5 Mpixel array allows observation of large fields of view at maximum resolution (6,5 µm pixel size) and high speeds of up to 100 frames per second at an extremely low read noise level while still maintaining a high dynamic range of 24.000:1. Taken together, these features allow scientists to observe dynamic processes at unprecedented speed, resolution and sensitivity.

Handling the maximum data rate of 1.1 Gbyte/s is a challenge for any imaging software. The new VisiView® 64 bit version allows researchers to stream all images directly to a maximum of 192 GB RAM, documenting more than 3 minutes of full field observation at maximum frame rate.

Technical Specifications:

  • NEW sCMOS technology
  • Resolution 2560 x 2160 pixel
  • Pixel size 6,5um x 6,5um
  • Low noise of < 2.0 e- rms
  • Dynamic 24.000 : 1, 16bit ADC
  • Quantum efficiency 57% @ peak
  • High speed 100fps
  • Rolling shutter
  • Compact design

Typical Applications:

  • Spinning disk confocal
  • Intracellular vesicles tracking
  • Cell mechanics and motility
  • SMD single molecule detection
  • Live cell dynamics
  • Ion signaling
  • FRET imaging

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