VisiTIRF Option „AAA“ auto angle alignment

The Visitron Systems GmbH VisiTIRF laser coupling allows both simultaneous and sequential use of TIRF, widefield fluorescence, and transmitting light illumination. The user can activate epi-fluorescence with a fast shutter to observe structures deeper than the evanescent field. The laser positioning can now be done by high precision automated stage. The TIRF angle and the adjustment of the required TIRF penetration depth is easy controlled by the Visitron Imaging Software. For MultiColor-TIRF the individual laser can be pre-adjusted for best focus at the evanescence field.

mot. TIRF 01 frei mr

New motorized VisiTIRF condenser for AxioObserver

Improved Reproducibility

The positioning of the laser, through the Visitron software, determines the penetration depth and direction of the evanescent field within the specimen. This software control ensures that the parameters can be stored and reproduced.

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Control all functions

The Visitron software guides the operation of the TIRF system. TIRF and microscope control functions e.g. filter control, illumination control, focus control, magnification control, laser and high speed VS-AOTF control are fully supported for Zeiss Axio-Observer or Olympus IX microscopes. Also a wide range of analysis tools and software modules for FRET, time lapse, multi-dimensional imaging etc. making the easy to use software a light work of complex applications.