High Precision XY-Stage Systems

For Automatic Scanning Of Multi-Well and Microtiter Plates and Exact Positioning of Defined Multiple Coordinates With Highest Resolution

High resolution XY-tables are getting more and more important in the growing market of microscopy applications for Histology and Fluorescence Analysis.
The high accuracy of these stages allows the  repetitive measurement of different positions of  specimens. With the joystick several regions of interest can be selected easily. These coordinates can be stored and recalled, e.g. by the Visitron Software, during analysis and experiment control. 
 The scan of Multiwell or Microtiter plates with different sizes and up to 1536 wells can be scanned without any problems.
The control unit offers an RS-232 serial or USB Interface. Additional moduls for Z-axis and filter wheel control are available.
XY stages are perfect components for multiple dimension acquisition. Perfusion and incubation chambers for Live Cell Imaging can be combined with the stage setup.

General Specifications:

  • Travel range from 102mm x 102mm up to 254mm x 102mm
  • High speed stepper or DC servo motor driven with e.g. 0,1m@30mm/ Sec.
  • High resolution of about  0,1 m,        repeatability of 0,75m and resolution of  “Full Travel” of about  5m
  • Precision “ground crossed roller” bearings for straightness and flatness of travel
  • Available for upright and inverted microscopes
  • Compact and modular design
  • For almost all types of Microscopes e.g. Zeiss, Leica, Nikon and Olympus

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