PZ-2000 XYZ Automated Stage

With Piezo Z-Axis Top Plate for Inverted Microscopes

The PZ-2000 from ASI has been specifically designed to provide a high resolution, and highly repeatable, means of controlling the X, Y, and Z position of an inverted microscope's stage.
The XY axes derive their precise control through the use of closed-loop DC servomotors employing high-resolution rotary encoders for positioning feedback.
By using closed-loop control for the stage position, there is no chance that the stage will become lost, as can occur with open-loop micro-stepped stages after a number of moves and direction changes.
The XY stage utilizes crossed-roller slides, high-precision lead screws, and zero-backlash miniature geared DC servomotors for smooth and accurate motion.
The top plate of the stage accepts standard K-size slide inserts that are available for any sample, i.e., slides, petrie dishes, multi-well plates, etc.
The slide insert is moved in the Z-axis via a piezo element with a range of 100 µm with nanometer accuracy.
By moving the sample in the Z-plane, any objective can be used, eliminating twisting wires or needed spacers as required when a piezo element is put onto a single objective.
The microprocessor- controlled MS-2000 control unit provides for RS-232 and USB communication with a host computer for control of the XYZ axis.


  • Closed Loop Control of the X, Y, and Z axes for precise positioning and highly repeatable focusing
  • Wide dynamic speed range with adjustable trapezoidal move profiles
  • Smooth adjustable dual-range joystick control backlit LCD display shows X, Y and Z coordinates
    “Zero” and “Home” button for simple stand-alone operations
  • Compact ergonomic tabletop control unit size is
    9 x 23 x 16.5 cm)
  • Meta-Imaging Software support

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