High Speed Shutter Systems

Fast and easily with minimized illumination times of your specimens and therefore reduction of photobleaching or phototoxic effects.

In the recent years there was a continuous increase of microscopical methods in science. New dynamic and time depending experiments e.g. GFP Live Cell Analysis require a fast shuttering of transmitted or fluorescence light sources. With our universal high speed shutter system this can be performed easily. We offer different mechanical adapters for nearly all types of microscopes.
The high accuracy and the fast shuttering allow exposure times of down to 6 ms seconds. For this reason also fully automated microscopes require these additional shutters.
Due to high temperature of the fluorescence light sources the shutter plates are available  with special AlSiO or AlMgF2 coatings.
With the control unit the shutter can be controlled manually as well as by a TTL signal or RS-232 interface.

General Specifications:

  • Available for upright and inverted microscopes
  • Compact and modular design
  • Shutter with 14, 25 or 35 mm diameter
  • Maximum  frequency 40 Hz
  • Fast exposure time of about 6 ms
  • Adapters for almost all types of Microscopes e.g. Zeiss, Leica, Nikon and Olympus
  • Controlled manually, by TTL or RS-232

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