Piezo Z-Axis Control

High Precision And Applicable For All Common Microscope Types

Microscope objective NanoPositionersare fast and compact drive units whichcan be mounted on most microscopes.The unit are screwed between the turretand the objective, providing a positioningof of 80, 100, 200 and 500um with aresolution of about >10nm.

New application e.g. 3D analysis ofstructures and cells or autofocus for timelapse experiments open a newdimension with standard microscopes.The control are supported by the VisitronImaging Software. We are supporting thefollowing usage:

  • automatic focus detection
  • acquisition of Z-axis stacks for 3D reconstruction and deconvolution
  • high precision positioning throughobjects with high reproductionresolution (about 10nm)
  • integrated into the 6D multi-dimensional acquisition Software
  • The system are calibrateddelivered

General Specifications:

  • working distance from 80 to 500µm
  • resolution 10nm with positional sensor close loop
  • external control by DAC analog voltage
  • for all types of microscopes
  • control unit with digital display of position

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