Optical Filter Systems

for Fluorescence Microscopy

More and more demanding fluorecence applications in the field of biology and medicinerequire better optical filter systems. Increased brightness without a correspondingincrease in noise or undesired background is impossible without optimized filtersets.Filters with steep pass bands are essential for new fluorochroms with very short Stoke´sshift. New automatic image acquisition and screening systems need this filter quality forseparation of signals from multi-stained samples without loss of throughput.
Visitron Systems GmbH offers a large variety of filtersets for nearly all establishedapplications. On demand we provide the complete mounted filter cube or slider for allmajor brands of microscopes and filter wheels (Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Ludl,Sutter, Cairn )

- Basic and standard filterset
- High-Quality filterset provides steepest passbands and maximum brightness
- ET-filterset with best quantum-efficiency
- Dual- and Multi-Bandpas sets for simultanious detection of different dyes
- pFiltersets for Ratio-Imaging

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