Versatile Filter Wheel Systems

Automatic Control of Excitation and Emission with High Precision for all Common Microscope Types

When you analyse dynamic processes by using multiple stained preps or by examining the changes of spectral properties of fluorochromes you require the appropriate change of the excitation and/or emission filter.
With the Visitron Systems filter wheel systems, these kinds of experiments can be fully automated. The filter wheels are specially designed to be mounted between the microscope and the lamp housing, or, between the microscope and the camera, respectively. Additional built-in shutters also allow a fast switching of the illumination. Up to six standard filters with a diameter of 25mm (optional: 35mm) can be used. Changing to the next filter position takes 100ms (optional: 25ms with DC motor)
The control unit has an RS232 and a USB interface. Manual control is possible.

General Specifications:
- 6 or 10 filter positions
- fast shutter included
- about 50ms; filter change time to the next position
- control via RS232 / USB and manually
- ports for excitation and emission filter wheels
- universal for all types of microscopes
- dual filter wheel available

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