Light Source for Fluorescence Illumination

The next-generation X-Cite 120XL system, replacing the highly successful X-Cite 120,delivers excellent image quality and at least 2000 hours of lamp life, which is over 60%longer than the previous model and up to 10 times longer than conventional illuminationsystems. The X-Cite ® 120XL, which operates much more quietly than the previous X-Cite120 for an improved work environment, is a self-contained illumination unit separate froma microscope. A simple light guide attachment through custom-coupling optics ensures auniform field of view with no heat from the lamp being transferred to the sample. Theoutput intensity of the X-Cite 120 system can also be adjusted from the optional front-panel control.

The X-Cite 120XL is pre-aligned to make changing lamps a fast and simple one-stepprocess. It uses a 120-watt lamp to deliver rich spectral excitation with a more uniformfield of view than conventional fluorescence illumination systems. With each lamp nowlasting over 2000 hours, customers will save even more time and money with significantlyfewer lamp replacements.

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