High Speed Polychromatic Illumination System

Continuously tunable Fluorescence Light Source The VisiChrome Polychromatic Illumination System is a high speed multi-wavelength illumination system designed to deliver user selected monochromatic light to a microscope via liquid light guide coupler. It allows to change between two wavelength in less than 2 ms. It uses continuously adjustable entrance and exit slits regulate the bandwidth or intentensity. This is a perfect unit for any time resolved ratio application such as Calcium or pH-qualifications. The Polychromator can controlled by the Visitron Imaging Software. It supports the following operations: automatic scan of any wavelength range programming of automatic sequences with toggle of spectral ranges precise synchronization of high speed digital camera readout such as Frame-Transfer or Interline high speed wavelength change by control of fast and accurate D/A-control board.

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