High Speed Wavelength Switcher for Fluorescence Illumination

The DG-4 wavelength switcher offers unprecedented speed and versatility for experiments requiring rapid light wavelength switching. It offers all the advantages of interference filter-based systems, yet eliminates the temporal constraints imposed by filter switching devices. Switching between any two wavelengths is achieved in less than the 1.2msec vertical retrace period of a video signal, allowing you to perform real-time video imaging. For dual wavelength ratio imaging studies it enhances your ability to follow fast changes in ion concentrations by acquiring a ratio pair in two consecutive video frames.

How it works: This unique optical design of the DG-4, is based on dual scanning galvanometers. Thewavelength selection is done by interference filters. The DG-4 can host up to four 25mminterference filters. The light coming from the 175W xenon arc lamp is focused on the firstgalvanometer mirror. The light is then directed, via a parabolic mirror, through one of theoptical channels that may contain an interference filter. The light passing through the filter iscollected by another parabolic mirror and sent to a second scanning mirror that directs it to aliquid light guide. The light guide can be coupled to the illumination port of an instrument(e.g. epi illumination port of a microscope). The intensity of the output can be modulated bycontrolling the relative orientation of the two scanning mirrors. Thus this system can providenarrow band excitation at selected wavelengths over a range of intensities or can rapidlyurn off the light source. Dwell time at any wavelength is arbitrarily set by the user.Transitions are achieved in less than 1.2msec.

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