VS-LMS6 Laser-Merge-System with Dual Output

Based on Solid State and Diode Lasers. The unique design of VS-LMS6 system combines the beams of up to six solid state or laser diodes to a single collinear laser beam. This beam can be channelled to two different outputs. This allows one laser merge module to be used for two different laser application like confocal combined with FRAP or FRAP combined with TIRF.

Compact and reliable design

  • Merging up to six solid state or diode lasers e.g. 405nm, 445nm, 473nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm
  • Solid state laser controlled by AOTF
  • Easy extension with additional lasers for existing systems
  • Standard FC fiber guide connector
  • Micro lens fiber adapter
  • Easy adjustment of the fiber guide
  • Optional: second laser output for further applications e.g. FRAP / TIRF
Stack Montage YFP Actin Epi-TIRF 02
Stack Montage GFP Actin Epi-TIRF

VisiTIRF Image comparison Epi toward TIRF laser illumination

VS-LMS Diagram 01

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