Visitron System is offering several laser merge systems for Realtime Confocals, Photoactivation, FRAP and TIRF technology. The latest Visitron Systems development is a compact and easy to use laser merge system including an AOTF. All common  solid state lasers or laser diodes can be coupled and aligned to one fiber output. Also future extensions with additional lasers are easily possible.
The new AOTF controller allows manual or programmable selection of the single laser lines. In addition the power of the laser can be controlled by potentiometer or by Visitron Software.
A new “SBT - smear buster technology has been developed by Visitron Systems for blanking the laser between the frame transfer of scientific grade CCD cameras.

VS AOTF 09-2011 01frei sm

Features of VS-AOTF Unit

• Control of up to four AOTF channels, optional: up to eight channels

• Selection of active AOTF channel(s) via PC(TTL) or manually

• Control of AOTF laser power via PC(D/A board, optional) or manually via front panel pots

• New SBT technology, blanking of laser during frame transfer shift of CCD camera

• Supported by Visitron imaging software

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