Real-Time Confocal System based on Dual-Disc Microlens Technology

CSU10 has revolutionized the world of confocal fluorescence microscope. A confocal microscopy has enabled z-axis resolution of a thick specimen by employing pin-point illumination and pin-point detection while both the illumination and detection of a conventional optical microscopy are planar. However, it typically takes around seconds to produce one confocal image using most of the existing confocal microscope; which is too slow to observe movement of living cells in real time. Now, as fast as 360 frames/sec. scanning speed and high S/N design of Yokogawa Model CSU10 enables direct viewing of clear-cut confocal images of fluorescent specimens in real time at its eyepiece. The confocal images captured by a CSU10 can be recorded by scientific grade CCD camera as live images. Using CSU10 is as easy as using regular microscopes.

CSU10 Coolsnap 01 klein
CSU comparison 01

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