Real-Time Confocal and LX Laser Option

The CrEST CARV II™ confocal imager utilizes a Nipkow spinning disk containing multiple sets of spirally arranged pinholes placed in the image plane of the objective lens. The column of excitation light is projected through 1000 pinholes to simultaneously scan the entire field once every millisecond, thereby creating a full image of the focal plane in real-time. Emitted light is collected and imaged using a high resolution and high quantum efficiency CCD camera. The new LX Laser option combines booth laser and white light illumination to satisfy a whole spectrum of wide field and confocal imaging applications.

The CARV II is fully supported by VisiView® Imaging Software.

Typical Application

  • Life Cell Imaging
  • Calcium sparks
  • GFP-Tubulin
  • Protein localisation
  • Gene expression
  • Intra-cellulare ion waves
  • Tissue section morphology
  • Co-localisation


Comparison 560nm Pollen 02

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