QImaging Cameras



The QImaging® Retiga-SRV CCD digital camera has been specially engineered for low-light, high-speed, high-sensitivity applications. A three-stage Peltier device and an all-metal, hermetic-vacuum-sealed CCD chamber provide state-of-the-art cooling to -45˚C

  • Turbo 1394 interface (FireWire)
  • 1392 x 1040 imaging pixels
  • 6.45 x 6.45-m pixels
  • Detector cooled down to -45C, regulated
  • 20-MHz operation
  • 12-bit images

Rolera EMc

Introducing the Rolera EM-C EMCCD camera – a versatile bio-imaging platform which combines unprecedented 40 MHz speed with high resolution and low light sensitivity. The EM-C2 boasts a brand new feature called Easy-EM™, the one-click optimization of your camera’s EM gain settings in all modes of speed.

  • Turbo 1394 interface (FireWire)
  • 1004 x 1002 imaging pixels
  • 8 x 8-m pixels
  • >60% quantum efficiency
  • Detector cooled to -50C (regulated)
  • 40-MHz operation
  • 14-bit images
  • 165.8 fps with 8x8 binning
  • 34.2 fps full resolution @ 14 bits