Extra High Resolution Color CCD Camera With Pixel Shift Technology

NEW: The SPOT Flex extra high resolution Color CCD camera gives you a new level of performance.

Features include:

  • Various Resolutions:
        -   1-shot   4 MegaPixel
        -   4-shot 16 MegaPixel
        - 16-shot 64 MegaPixel
  • CCD Sensor 2048 x 2048 Pixel, with 7,4 x 7,4um Pixel Size
  • High Quantum efficiency
  • Peltier cooling about 0°C
  • Exposure times from 1 msec up to several seconds
  • 40 MHz Live Mode with Dual ADC, 14 frames/sec
  • 14 Bit 20MHz Readout
  • Automatic Exposure time
  • External Trigger Input
  • FireWire IEEE 1394 interface

With all of the performance, features, and choices packed into this camera, the Flex lets you…
…do what you want to do.