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Systems and solutions for biomedical research

Development and manufacturing - “Made in Germany”

Visitron Systems GmbH is known as one of the leading companies supplying imaging-solutions in the field of microscopy over the last 20 years. The company was founded by its two managing directors Dr. Gunter Köhn and Helmut Wurm to support scientific in biology.

Over the last 5 years the company structure has been improved. Visitron invested in own development and manufacturing of optics, hardware and imaging software “Made in Germany”. This has moved Visitron Systems from a system integrator to a solution provider with own manufactured products.

The company is even more flexible and innovative for special microscopy “Life Science Research” solutions and hardware implementation into VisiView software. A competent team of highly qualified and educated scientists from the fields of biology, human genetics, physics, electronic and computer science are responsible for the success of Visitron Systems GmbH.

Competence and experience

More than 2000 installed systems show a broad range of specific system solutions, and give us more references day by day in all applications of biomedical imaging and microscopy. This let Visitron grow as a competent partner for scientists in all aspects of biomedical imaging.

By providing answers for applications in general as well as finding solutions for specific hard- and software requests, we always do our very best to keep the customer on top of his research.

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Excellent from basic to high-end

Visitron Systems GmbH offers a broad range of different solutions, from single documentation of macroscopic and microscopic compounds up to multidimensional confocal high-speed microscopy. The modularity of our systems always keeps them open for upgrades to newest technologies and recent applications.

Technology for today  and the future

Science lives from discovery. Visitron Systems offers solutions for today and for the future. With the development of fluorescence proteins, microscopy reaches new horizons and outlooks, Visitron Systems GmbH keeps up. For newest techologies in microscopy e.g. TIRF, FRAP, FRET, Confocal, we offer newest microscopy components like scientific CMOS or EMCCD- cameras, 1D and 2D-scanner, high-speed spinning disk confocal, multi-spectral laser systems. We are happy to help our customers to be leading in biology.

Special solutions and development

Offering the best technology, Visitron Systems GmbH needs strong partners. Together with our international partners, we bring the best technologies together for your research. For highest flexibility, we have the power to implement nearly every hardware driver into the VisiView software for e.g. 6D multidimensional microscopy. Even development of customized hardware, optics and laser combinations shows the vision we are looking for.

The Visitron company management

The company was founded on first of April 1995 by Dr. Gunter Köhn and Helmut Wurm. Both are the managing directors and shareholders of the company. They form a successful team of leaders.

The Visitron sales and application team

A competent team of specialists out of molecular biology, physiology, biophysics, human genetics and informatic engineers are available for extensive consulting and  personal contact. The support team of Visitron Systems GmbH has a long time experience in science and microscopy and is continuously trained and educated on new technology.

 v.l.n.r. Helmut Wurm, Dr. Clemens Schneider, Dr. Marcel Dunkel, Dr. Andreas Markert,
 Dr. Wolfgang Feneberg, Simon Bigelmayr, Dr. Peter Kaiser, Dr. Jürgen Kraus

The complete team of Visitron Systems

Experience is one of the important properties to offer best support for any questions or application demands, regardless if needed for technical problems or for questions in administration and handling. The team of Visitron Systems GmbH always helps with the correct answer .

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